Information About Neal

About Neal

Hi everybody, I am Neal. It is glad to meet you guys here. I graduated from Xidian University and worked at CVTE for five years. And we develop a courseware making software for education. Its name is EasiNote 5, and it is developed base on WPF. And already more than 1 million faculty users are using EasiNote 5.

———————————————–△ Shape tool △———————————————–

———————————————–△ Table tool △———————————————–

———————————————–△ MindMap tool △———————————————–

———————————————–△ Geometry tool △———————————————–

———————————————–△ Planet tool △———————————————–

———————————————–△ Chart tool △———————————————–

All the tools above are developed by me with WPF. And some tools’ interactions are designed by me.

Now, I am new in Regina, Canada. If you are a WPF developer in Regina, it is welcome to leave me a comment.

And here are some pictures about the 3D-SolarSystem developed by me.

All are developed with WPF and .NET Core.

About Blog

In the next period of time, I will continue to translate high-quality blogs from Walterlv. And I am going to write some articles about WPF. And try to write some demo for every blog. It is glad to see you here.